viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

(2010) Tankard - Vol(l)ume 14 [Limited Edition Digipak] (320kbps)

Track List
01 - Time Warp
02 - Rules For Fools
03 - Fat Snatchers (The Hippo Effect)
04 - Black Plague (BP)
05 - Somewhere In Nowhere
06 - The Agency
07 - Brain Piercing Of Death
08 - Beck`s In The City
09 - Condemnation
10 - Weekend Warriors

(2011) Stratovarius - Elysium (320kbps)

Track List
01 - Darkest Hours
02 - Under Flaming Skies
03 - Infernal Maze
04 - Fairness Justified
05 - The Game Never Ends
06 - Lifetime In A Moment
07 - Move The Mountain
08 - Event Horizon
09 - Elysium

sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

(2010) Aerosmith - A Little South Of Sanity 2-CD [Remastered Japanese Edition] (320kbps)

Track List CD-1
01-Eat The Rich
02-Love In An Elevator
03-Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
04-Same Old Song And Dance
05-Hole In My Soul
06-Monkey On My Back
07-Livin' On The Edge
09-Rag Doll
11-Janie's Got A Gun

Track List CD-2
01-Back in the Saddle
02-Last Child
03-The Other Side
04-Walk On Down
05-Dream On
07-Mama Kin
08-Walk This Way
09-Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
10-What It Takes
11-Sweet Emotion

domingo, 12 de diciembre de 2010

(2005)Bon Jovi - Cross Road [Deluxe Edition 2-CD] (320kbps)

Track List CD-1
01-Livin' On A Prayer
02-Keep The Faith
03-Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
05-Wanted Dead Or Alive
06-Lay Your Hands On Me
07-You Give Love A Bad Name
08-Bed Of Roses
09-Blaze Of Glory
10-In These Arms
11-Bad Medicine
12-I'll Be There For You
13-In & Out Of Love
15-Never Say Goodbye

Track List CD-2
01-The Radio Saved My Life Tonight
02-Wild In The Streets
03-Diamond Ring
04-Good Guys Dont'n Always Wear White
05-The Boys Are Back In Town (Live)
06-Edge Of a Broken Heart
07-Postcards From The Wasteland (Demo)
08-Blood On Blood (Live)
09-Let It Rock
10-Starting All Over Again
11-Blood Money (Live)
12-Save A Prayer
13-Lucky (Demo)
14-Why Aren't You Dead
15-Raise Your Hands

(1.991) Tyketto - Don't Come Easy [Japanese Edition] (320kbps)

Track List
01-Forever Young
03-Burning Down Inside
05-Standing Alone
06-Lay Your Body Down
07-Walk On Fire
08-Nothing But Love
09-Strip Me Down
10-Sail Away

sábado, 11 de diciembre de 2010

(2004) Judas Priest - Metalogy [4-CD] (320kbps)

Track List CD-1
01-Never Satisfied
04-Victim Of Changes (Live)
05-Diamonds And Rust (Live)
06-Starbreaker (Live)
08-Let Us Prey
09-Dissident Aggressor
11-Beyond The Realms Of Death
12-Better By You Better Than Me
14-Stained Class
15-The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) (Live)

Track List CD-2
01-Killing Machine
02-Evening Star
03-Take On The World
04-Delivering The Goods
05-Evil Fantasies
06-Hell Bent For Leather
07-Breaking The Law (Live)
08-Living After Midnight
09-Rapid Fire
10-Metal Gods
11-Grinder (Live)
12-The Rage
13-Heading Out To The Highway
14-Hot Rockin' (Live)
16-Solar Angels
17-Desert Plains
18-The Hellion_Electric Eye (Live)
19-Screaming For Vengeance

Track List CD-3
01-Riding On The Wind
03-You've Got Another Thing Comin'
04-Devil's Child
05-Freewheel Burning
07-The Sentinel
08-Love Bites (Live)
09-Eat Me Alive
10-Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
11-Rock Hard Ride Free
12-Night Comes Down
13-Turbo Lover
14-Private Property
15-Parental Guidance
16-Out In The Cold
17-Heart Of A Lion

Track List CD-4
01-Ram It Down
02-Heavy Metal
03-Come And Get It
04-Blood Red Skies
06-Between The Hammer & The Anvil
07-A Touch Of Evil
08-Metal Meltdown
09-Night Crawler
10-All Guns Blazing
13-Machine Man
14-Feed On Me

(2008) Flotsam And Jetsam - Cuatro [Remastered] (320kbps)

Track List
01-Natural Enemies
02-Swatting At Flies
03-The Message
04-Cradle Me Now
05-Wading Through The Darkness
06-Double Zero
07-Never To Reveal
08-Forget About Heaven
09-Secret Square
10-Hypodermic Midnight Snack
11-Are You Willing
12-(Ain't Nothing Gonna) Save This World
13-Date With Hate (Bonus Track)
14-Wading Through The Darkness (Radio Edit)
15-Wading Through The Darkness (Industrial Mix)
16-Cradle Me Now (Edit Version)

(1.998) W.A.S.P. - The Last Command [Remastered Japanese Edition] (320kbps)

Track List
01-Wild Child
03-Fistful Of Diamonds
04-Jack Action
06-Blind In Texas
07-Cries In The Night
08-The Last Command
09-Running Wild In The Streets
10-Sex Drive
11-Mississippi Queen (Bonus Track)
12-Savage (Bonus Track)
13-On Your Knees [Live] (Bonus Track)
14-Hellion [Live] (Bonus Track)
15-Sleeping (In The Fire) [Live] (Bonus Track)
16-Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) [Live] (Bonus Track)
17-I Wanna Be Somebody [Live] (Bonus Track)

(2008) Seventh Wonder - Mercy Falls (320kbps)

Track List
01-A New Beginning
02-There and Back
03-Welcome to Mercy Falls
05-Tears for a Father
06-A Day Away
07-Tears for a Son
09-Fall in Line
10-Break the Silence
11-Hide and Seek
12-Destiny Calls
13-One Last Goodbye
14-Back in Time
15-The Black Parade

miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

(2006) Def Leppard - Hysteria [Deluxe Edition 2-CD] (320kbps)

Track List CD-1
04-Love Bites
05-Pour Some Sugar On Me
06-Armageddon It
07-Gods Of War
08-Don't Shoot Shotgun
09-Run Riot
12-Love And Affection
13-Tear It Down
14-Ride Into The Sun
15-I Wanna Be Your Hero
16-Ring Of Fire

Track List CD-2
01-Elected (Live In Tilburg, Holland June 1987)
02-Love And Affection (Live In Tilburg, Holland June 1987)
03-Billy's Got A Gun (Live In Tilburg, Holland June 1987)
04-Rock Of Ages (Live Medley From Tilburg, Holland June 1987)
05-Women (Live In Denver, CO At McNichols Arena December 12-13, 1988)
06-Animal (Extended Version)
07-Pour Some Sugar On Me (Extended Version)
08-Armageddon It (The Nuclear Mix)
09-Excitable (Orgasmic Mix)
10-Rocket (The Lunar Mix)
11-Release Me (Performed By Stumpus Maximus & The Good Ol' Boys)

(1.998) W.A.S.P. - W.A.S.P. [Remastered Japanese Edition] (320kbps)

Track List
01 - Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) (Bonus Track)
02 - I Wanna Be Somebody
03 - L.O.V.E. Machine
04 - The Flame
05 - B.A.D.
06 - School Daze
07 - Hellion
08 - Sleeping (In The Fire)
09 - On Your Knees
10 - Tormentor
11 - The Torture Never Stops
12 - Show No Mercy (Bonus Track)
13 - Paint It Black (Bonus Track)

(1.992) Hardline - Double Eclipse [Japanese Edition] (320kbps)

Track List
01-Life's A Bitch
02-Dr. Love
03-Love Leads The Way (Bonus Track)
04-Rhythm From A Red Car
05-Change Of Heart
07-Takin' Me Down
08-Hot Cherie
09-Bad Taste
10-Can't Find My Way
11-I'll Be There
13-In The Hands Of Time

sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010

(2010) Los Suaves - 29 Años 9 Meses Y 1 Dia / 2-CD (320kbps)

Track List CD-1
01 - Preparados Para El R'N'R
02 - Cuando Los Sueños Se Van
03 - San Francisco Express
04 - Palabras Para Julia
05 - ¡Adiós Adiós!
06 - Judas
07 - Esa Noche Te Perdí
08 - Malas Noticias
09 - Frío Como Una Llave
10 - Dulce Castigo
11 - No Puedo Dejar El Rock
12 - Dile Siempre Que No Estoy
13 - Luís Y Su Mujer
14 - Pobre Jugador
15 - Miénteme
16 - Viejo
17 - Se Alza El Trueno

Track List CD-2
01 - Ourense Bosnia
02 - ¿Sabes ¡Phil Lynott Murió!
03 - Ese Día Piensa En Mí
04 - Maldita Sea Mi Suerte
05 - Si Pudiera
06 - Mi Casa
07 - Dolores Se Llamaba Lola
08 - Pardao
09 - Corre Conejo Corre
10 - O Afiador - El Afilador
11 - 29 Años, 9 Meses Y 1 Día

(2010) Mago De Oz - Gaia Epilogo (256kbps)

Track List
01 - Madre Tierra (Intro)
02 - El Lider
03 - Para Que No Muera De Frio Una Cancion, Llenala De Rock 'n' Roll
04 - Y Seras Cancion (2010)
05 - In Memorian (15-4-83 - 25-4-10)
06 - Las Lagrimas De Gaia
07 - Puedes Contar Conmigo (Remasterizado)
08 - Cuanto Cabe En Un Adios
09 - Adios Dulcinea (Remasterizado)
10 - Epilogo

(2010) Dark Moor - Ancestral Romance (320kbps)

Track List
02-Love From The Stone
03-Alaric De Marnac
04-Mio Cid
05-Just Rock
06-Tilt At Windmills
07-Cancion Del Pirata
08-Ritual Fire Dance
09-Ah! Wretched Me
10-A Music In My Soul

(2010) Seventh Wonder - The Great Escape (320kbps)

Track List
01 - Wiseman
02 - Alley Cat
03 - The Angelmaker
04 - King of Whitwater
05 - Long Way Home
06 - Move On Throught
07 - The Great Escape