domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

(2010) Orden Ogan - Vale [Remastered] (320kbps)

Track List
01-Graves Bay
02-To New Shores Of Sadness
03-Winds Of Vale
05-Reality Lost
06-This Is
07-This Was
08-Something Pretending
09-The Lords Of The Flies
10-...And If You Do Right
11-What I'm Recalling
12-A Friend Of Mine
13The Candle Lights
14-We Are Pirates! (Folk Version - Bonus Track)
15-Winds Of Vale (Demo - Bonus Track)
16-Welcome Liberty (Orchestral Version - Bonus Track)
17-The Yearning Remains (1998 - Bonus Track)
18-The Lords Of The Flies (Video Mp4)
19-Vale (Comic PDF)

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